11 Tips On Getting a First Class Degree

If you are going to university, then you might as well go for the top level award and set your sights on a first class degree. It can be tougher than you might have imagined, but with hard work and dedication there is no reason why you cannot achieve the top grades. Here are our top 11 tips on getting a first class degree.

  1. You Have To Really Want It
    In order to gain a first class degree you have to really want it. That means being fully prepared to put in the maximum amount of effort. It is going to be hard work, but the pay off is worth it! You won’t be able to leave assignments until the last minute or skip out on study sessions to party. This is a real commitment and you have to be passionate about achieving your very best.
  2. Learn to Love Research
    If you are to have any hope of getting a first class degree then you are going to have to learn to research and to do it independently. Attending the lectures and seminars, completing the assignments and reading the set texts will allow you to pass. However, to attain a first class award you need to dig deeper. Take the concepts the text book discusses and go and research it more fully.
  3. Get Acquainted With The Library
    This one sort of goes hands in had with the research tip! Get yourself familiar with the library. Never rely on the internet alone, get out there and read actual books! The library is also a great place to study in a peaceful environment free from distractions.
  4. Presentation Must Be Perfect
    If you want to be a first class student then you need to develop an excellent eye for details Your presentation must be perfect. Spend time working on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you hand in an assignment or an exam paper littered with silly errors then you will never be granted a first class degree.
  5. Make The Most of Your Tutors
    You may not want to be a nuisance to your tutors, but let us explain something. It is your tutor’s job to guide you through your studies and while they will expect independent study from you, they will also be on hand to help with struggles. Book regular appointments with tutors and make the most of any support that they are able to offer.
  6. Never Skip a Lecture
    It is important to attend every single one of your scheduled lectures. Sure, most tutors provide copies of their presentations, but those slides do not contain all of the conversation and debate that goes on in the lecture. If you want that first class degree then you best haul your ass to every class!
  7. Stay at School to Study
    Out brains are strange things. If you come home lie on bed in your jammies and attempt to study you will not retain as much information as if you go to the library. Try staying at the university when you need to study so you maintain the right mindset.
  8. Disconnect From Facebook & Other Social Media
    Social media sites like Facebook have changed our lives dramatically, but for all of the positives associated with social media, it is also the biggest waste of time. Do not allow yourself to be on Facebook when you should be studying. If you can’t break the habit then deactivate your account – you can always reactivate it after you earn that first class degree.
  9. Find a Like Minded Buddy
    Everyone needs a study buddy to kick them into gear now and then. Also, injecting a social aspect into study session will help you to be more productive. However, if your buddy is a party monster it can cause issues. Look for a buddy who also wants that first class degree so you can both stay home together!
  10. Look After Yourself
    One thing that is sure to set you back is getting sick. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but the key is to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Get enough sleep, east healthily and exercise regularly.
  11. Take a Break
    This might sound contrary to everything we have said so far about keeping focussed and working hard, but you do need to take breaks. Plan for some down time when making up your study plan. Everyone deserves a little me time – just stay on schedule!

These are our top tips for getting a first class degree. Hopefully you will find them useful and be able to utilize them to maximise your academic performance.