PhD Without Dissertation

Many students want to obtain a PhD but they are deterred due to the heavy workload of a dissertation. However, it is possible to get a PhD without having to go through the lengthy and stressful process that is associated with a dissertation.

What Are My Options?

There are many online courses at schools and universities around the globe. Turning to online education is a way for many students to get a PhD without the need to complete a dissertation. While it can be quite difficult to find a reputable higher education institution that allows to receive a PhD without a dissertation, there are several fields of study that have this option. Among them:

  • Psychology
  • Therapists (this includes marriage and family counselors)
  • Nursing
  • International Education
  • Law Degrees (but to become a fully legal practicing lawyer, you must pass the bar exam – this can be as difficult as writing a dissertation)
  • Specific health care fields, such as acupuncture or alternative medicine
  • Many medical fields of study (please note that while medical students may not have to write a dissertation, they will have to complete several hours of work in the field, as well as pass several exams to ensure they are qualified enough)

These fields of study and their requirements will vary from school to school. Speak with an advisor to fully understand the course requirements. If you are not in the above-listed courses of study, searching for online education is one of the best ways to obtaining a PhD without completing a dissertation.

But Wait, I’m Already an Expert!

In some cases, there are students in a doctorate program that are already well versed and well experienced in their field of study. If you are a student with several years of experience in the field and have the knowledge to back it up, you can prove yourself to the supervisors or board and receive a PhD without a dissertation. This goes beyond simply convincing the board that you are an expert. If you have books and/or articles in recognized journals that have been published, you can use these publications as evidence in your case.

This will not only create the impression that you know your field like the back of your hand, but it will also show that a dissertation will be redundant. You can receive a PhD without one.

While it is not usual for doctorate students to receive a PhD without a dissertation, this does not mean it is impossible. Whether you decide to choose the online education, or you are already an expert, you can get a degree without writing a dissertation.