Tips For Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a huge project. It is certainly not something to be taken lightly and you will need to plan it very carefully If you are to have any hope of completing it on time and to a high enough standard. With that in mind, we have pulled together some of our favourite tips for writing a dissertation.

If You Are Not Happy With Your Advisor – Change!

Your dissertation advisor or supervisor is there to help you get through this project. They should be on hand to offer advice and to read your drafts. However, if for whatever you are not comfortable with the advisor you have been allocated, then you can ask to change. Just make sure you do so early on. This person will be your lifeline so you need to feel at ease with them.

Don’t Expect Other People to be Interested or Impressed!

When you mention that you are working on your dissertation people will ask what it is one and nine times out of ten they will not be impressed by your answer. People expect some epic research topic, but you are more likely to be researching something a little more obscure! It doesn’t matter if they like it – they are not marking it! They may ask some follow up questions, but they are probably being polite so don’t prepare to launch into an in depth debate!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

By all means, form a study group with your friends and work on your dissertations togetherness. This is a valuable source of support. However, do not compare yourselves to one another. It does not matter whether one of you has written 5000 words and the other only 500! There might only be 200 usable words in both! Comparing your progress is just going to make one or both of you paranoid and you have no time for that!

Don’t Panic & Start Over

When you start writing your dissertation you are committing to your thesis. There may come a day when you freak out and decide it is no good. You may even start working on a new thesis and proclaim that you are starting over. If this happens, just stop and talk to your advisor. You have no time to start over and if your thesis was not good your advisor would have advised changes long ago! It is very rare for an advisor to suggest changing your thesis after the first few weeks so stick with it!

Your Dissertation Will Become your Life

This project will be all consuming. Do try to schedule a little down time for yourself, but be realistic. You are not going to have much of a social life at all during your dissertation. It is going to interfere with your commitments including relationships, sports and so on. Be upfront at the beginning and let people know this – your friends will stick by you.

These are just a few of the helpful tips for writing a dissertation that we think will help you to craft your project. It may seem like an insurmountable task, but you can do it! Have a little faith in yourself and start planning as soon as possible. All it takes is some hard work and careful planning.