Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement

So, you are ready to start writing your thesis statement? That’s great news; however, if you are anything like most student then you are probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed and not really sure of where to start. Don’t sweat it, because we are here to help! We have gathered up our top tips on writing a thesis statement to help get you through the process unscathed!

Don’t Hide Your Thesis Statement Away

Your thesis statement needs to appear very early on in your assignment since it is required to establish your position on the topic and give your reader some signposts about where your essay is headed. That is why your thesis statement should appear in the introduction, or if you have a longer assignment then possibly the second paragraph. The general rule of thumb is that your thesis statement makes up the last one or two sentences of your introduction. Don’t bury your thesis statement away in the middle of a paragraph! In addition, make sure you are specific and avoid using vague wording that could be misinterpreted.

Use Clear and Simple Language In Your Thesis Statement

When writing a thesis statement it needs to be clear and easy to understand. This is your chance to clearly state in black and white where you stand on the topic your paper is discussing, so you don’t want the reader misunderstanding what you are saying. Unless your assignment happens to be a technical report, you should avoid all technical language or jargon. Write as though your reader knows nothing about what you are studying. In addition, you should avoid using abstract words and concepts such as ‘society’ or ‘culture’. These things can have different meanings to different people and therefore explain next to nothing. If you feel like you need to define a particular term then you should probably avoid using it in your thesis statement.

Make Sure You State Your Stance on The Topic

Aside from just announcing your topic, your thesis statement also needs to reveal your position in relation to it . You should avoid making a universal pro or con statement as this can potentially over simplify a complex issue. If you are going to make any sort of a subjective judgement call, then you also need to justify the reasoning behind it. Take the time to think about why you are for or against your topic.

Your Thesis Statement Might Change

Although you should be writing your thesis statement before you start writing your paper, this does not mean that it is then set in stone. It might change substantially by the time you have completed your essay and that is perfectly fine! In fact, it is virtually impossible to create a fully formulated thesis statement before you have actually written the essay. Start out with a well thought out thesis to begin with, but allow it to change and develop as you go.

Hopefully our tips can give you some useful ideas and help get that thesis statement written. It can seem overwhelming at first but if you stop and take a deep breath you are going to do just fine.