Top 5 Highest Paid Careers (and What to Study to get Them)

Everyone wants to make money. Most people want to make more than enough to be comfortable and not worry about the basics or covering things when emergencies arise. The following is a list of some of the highest paid careers. Including with each career is information related to what type of degree a person needs to start working in that chosen field. Most of these careers require years of college and training.

  1. Medical Professionals

In order to become a general practitioner, a cosmetic surgeon, an obstetrician, a brain surgeon, or any other medical practitioner you will spend a lot of time in school. Medical degrees are a requirement as is a minimum of five years in medical school. Additionally, there are the years of residency for practical experience and education. Medical practitioners also require additional years studying and training in their specialty.

  1. IT Manager

If you want to be an IT manager, you need to know more than how a computer runs. Other degrees or knowledge to have revolves around internet engineering, computer science and website programming and design. By acquiring numerous degrees or skills computers and related fields, you could become one of the high paid IT managers or telecommunications directions in the industry.

  1. Marketing Manager

An individual with a degree in marketing has the ability to make a considerable fortune in their lifetime as they can work in a diverse group of roles and jobs. Companies looking for a marketing manager look for someone with a degree in marketing and/or in business. It also helps to have experience in the field via internships. People striving to be a marketing manager also need to take writing courses to fine-tune their writing skills as well as strengthening creative writing abilities.

  1. Attorney

Anyone with a dream of becoming a lawyer will spend a lot of time studying. You will need an undergraduate degree first. This will lead to passing the admissions test for the law school you want to attend. After studying the basics of law and more focused courses related to the field of law in which you want to study potential lawyers need to take and pass the bar exam.

  1. CEOs (Chief Executives) or Managing Directors

One of the highest paid careers in the world requires education, and yet in some cases, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, requires no degree at all. For individuals wanting to be a CEO of an already established company, a degree is necessary. Important degrees to study include business degrees, writing degrees, and other similar courses. It is possible to become a CEO as well if you have a brilliant idea that helps you form your own company and build it from the ground up.

When it comes to landing in one of the highest paid careers out there, it is typically going to require a lot of time and energy in a classroom and hands on experience, to get that dream job.