15 Most Unusual University Degrees

You spend your entire life working towards the goal of going to college. You might even go to the alma mater of one of your parents. That is all great and worth a great deal of praise. You might even get a lot of praise when you complete your degree in medicine, science, law, or education, but nobody will remember you as much as your fellow alumni who pursue degrees in more unusual areas of study. If you are curious what sort of unusual degrees you can earn while attending college or university, continue reading to see 15 of the most unusual degrees people strive to obtain.

1. Yacht Operations

Have you dreamed of having your own yacht? Is sailing something you wish you could do on your own? If you want to learn everything there is to know about navigating and maintaining a boat, as well as additional offshore expeditions South Devon College has the course for you. With a degree in yacht operations, you could be on your way to a watery future.

2. Floral Design

For individuals interested in own their own flower shop, or perhaps individuals wanting to be involved in party planning, especially weddings a floral design degree is a great idea. At Myersclough College, learn everything you want to know about design trends, business planning, and historical floral design.

3. Surf Science and Technology

Do you love the beach? Do you love surfing? If you are interested in learning about all of the ins and outs of surfing than you might want to check out Cornwall College and its Surf Science and Technology degree. You will learn everything you want to know about surfing. If you want to learn how to surf, however, you are on your own.

4. Viticulture and Oenology

This is a truly remarkable degree for those who love wine. Learn everything you need to know about growing your own grapes and winemaking. This degree could lead to a live working on and potentially owning your own vineyard.

5. Dairy Herd Management

At Reaseheath College, you can learn everything you ever needed or wanted to know about dairy farming. You will be educated on all of the finer points to running a dairy business including legal, managerial, and economic points.

6. The Beatles – Popular Music and Society (MA)

According to the description for this course at, Liverpool Hope University, you can earn a master’s degree in all things Beatles. The school claims no other school around the world will teach you about Beatles music and its impact on society as well as other musical concepts.

7. Circus Degree

If you want to learn everything you need to do about today’s circuses and physical performances involved a circus degree may be your calling. You can also learn about cabaret and outdoor theater.

8. Baking

Baking enthusiasts can earn in degree in baking technology management. This is a popular course as it teach the skills necessary to become an incredibly baker. The Worshipful Company of Bakers endorses the course.

9. Golf

Golf lovers can set themselves up for a career in different areas of the sport with a degree in applied golf management. Learn all you need to know to get a job in sports science, golf management, coaching, and professional golf.

10. Get a Laugh

If you love to make people laugh a degree in comedy writing and performance is for you. Learn the necessary skills and techniques of comedy writing. This course is not for the shy, as public performances are required.

11. Stained Glass Degree

Get a master’s degree in stained glass conservation and heritage management. With this degree, you can get involved with protecting and maintaining pre-existing stained glass and perhaps get involved in new construction.

12. Airports

Anyone that loves airports can get a degree in aviation and airport management. The degree will teach students about airline management, airport administration, and global aviation management.

13. Prop Making degree

If you are looking to do any type of display or prop work, this is the degree for you. It will teach you how to build props for film, TV, theater, as well as window display and museum installation.

14. Jazz Studies

Jazz music aficionados can earn a master’s degree in jazz studies. The course covers the culture of jazz music, the history, and helps students pursue careers related to the field such as jobs in art organizations, the music industry, and academics.

15. Ethical Hacking Degree

Learn everything you want to learn about modern day hacking skills and techniques. Learn how to face hackers’ attacks and countermeasures with this useful degree.